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1960 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spyder

Chassis Number: 101505

In 1959, the first 3500 Spyder made its debut at the Turin Auto Show.
In 1960, Carrozziera Vignale introduced a 3500 spyder on a shortened chassis, a design strongly influenced by the Coupé of Touring.
This extremely rare and beautiful example had an extensive restoration at great expense. The Vignale spyder is very attractive when viewed from the front, with its massive front grill and the interior dash facia is simple but very elegant. The Maserati Vignale spyder competed when new with the Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina spyder. While Ferrari was focused on performance, Maserati was more focused on creating a refined GT car. One that delivered performance while providing the creature comforts and luxury details needed when cruising the French Riviera.
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