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o The victory model was produced during World War II. This model was shipped as just a cabinet from the factory. This way it served to be an upgrade for early 30’s non-light-up Wurlitzers. Essentially, the inner workings of any older Wurlitzer were removed and placed inside the cabinet, reducing the use of metals and other materials need for the war effort. Nearly all Jukebox manufacturers stopped production until after WWII.
o Company Info:
The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, New York, NY
Perhaps the most famous Juke Box is Wurlitzer, a company that began life at the turn of the century in Buffalo, New York creating large orchestration boxes—recreating the sound of whole bands, and organs for silent movies. When talkies wiped out silent films they changed their focus to automated phonographs. Equipped with a reliable “Simplex” record changer (10 selections on 78 rpm records), several blockbuster designs and a world-class marketing department, Wurlitzer stood above all other with its jukeboxes of the late 30s and 40s. When one thinks of the iconic jukebox, it is often the Wurlitzer Model 1015 that comes to mind. This jukebox endured so long that a conversion kit to 45 rpms was offered in the 50s and this was a standard box for diners and sock-hops during the early rock-n-roll era.
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