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Before and immediately following WW II, Oldsmobile may have had a reputation for building sturdy and very well engineered, if not exciting cars, but that quickly changed with the release of the all-new, top-of-the-line Futuramic 98 introduced in 1948. Based on the all-new GM C-body chassis shared with Cadillac, the Futuramic 98 models were definitely worthy of their name, with fresh Harley Earl-directed styling and clear design cues taken from Lockheed's sleek P-38 Lightning fighter plane of wartime fame. Thanks to their new X-member frame and 4-wheel coil-spring suspension, the low-slung 98 provided impressive ride and handling characteristics for the era. Given Oldsmobile's long-standing heritage as GM's "engineering" division and its stellar record of industry firsts, it took another giant leap forward with the release of its all-new, compact, and powerful Rocket V8 engine for 1949. Highly efficient, capable of handling increased compression ratios and featuring modern overhead-valve technology, the Rocket design was based on principles laid down by Charles Kettering. Developing 135bhp when introduced, the Rocket produced an even more impressive and highly useful 263 ft/lbs of torque. The excellent Hydramatic automatic transmission became standard on the 98 for 1949 and that year, new B-body Series 76 and 88 models joined the 98. Oldsmobile sales grew rapidly as a direct result of these welcome developments and exciting, stylish, powerful and well-equipped models like this 1952 98 Convertible played a major part in that success. Powered by the famed Rocket V8 engine, this completely restored 98 Convertible features outstanding red-on-red colors with a black canvas top and desirable features and options, including Hydramatic, power steering, power windows, a power top, AM radio, clock, heater and wire wheels. It has 53,852 original miles.
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